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Balanced and Delicious Homemade Meals

Here at Kingsgate Highlands, we serve nutritious, homemade, family style meals  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We don't compromise on whole and fresh  ingredients. From oatmeal to meatloaf to our much-loved soups and sandwiches, residents  are never wanting for delicious meals.

One of our residents tending to the vegetable plants.

A Social Community,
Leisure, and
Connections with Nature

We are an active community engaging in arts, culture, games, and gardening. Our radio is always on, and throughout the day our residents and staff discuss the news, watch movies and television, and play card games. Lately, we have been tiring ourselves out with hours of Uno and crosswords puzzles!

Additionally, our home is located in a lush and green environment. In the warmer months, our residents enjoy eating meals in the backyard seating area, under our large flowering trees and grape vines.  This spring, we have planted  vegetable seeds and have been keeping an eye on them as they sprout!

A photo of our lush backyard one sunny day.
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